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New Free Tshirt giveaway for October

I had fun last month and I want to thank everyone that followed me on Twitter and retweeted about the free Tshirt giveaway.  In fact, I had so much fun I want to do it again this month. It’s a little different from last month. All you have to do is tweet the following message:

I found some cool Tshirts by @TMTees and he is giving away a free tshirt:

Here’s an easy way to tweet the message above:   Tweet it now!

You don’t even have to follow me. Of course, you’ll miss out on some of the new designs I’m working on right now. So, if you want to follow me click the birdie:

FINE PRINT: Just tweet the message above to be entered into Ocotber’s drawing for a free Tshirt. Whether you follow me or not, you will be entered. You can enter once per day, but you can tweet the message as much as you want. 🙂


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